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R&D Tech-Biz Division

The R&D Tech-Biz Division was formed to contribute to the realization of a creative economy by reinforcing the role of government-funded research institutes as a supporter of small and medium-sized enterprises and by vitalizing technology transfer and business startup. By taking advantage of outstanding research performance, knowhow, and intellectual properties accumulated by the Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources (KIGAM), the division works to satisfy the technological demand of various industries and discover new business items for the geoscience and mineral resources industry. The Division consists of the Small & Medium Enterprise Support Section, R&D Technology Transfer Section, and Geoanalysis Center.

Small & Medium Enterprise Support Section

The Small & Medium Enterprise Support Section operates a range of support programs designed to strengthen the technological competitiveness of SMEs, which are the driving engine of a creative economy. The programs include close support for KIGAM partner businesses (OK Lab), R&D planning for SMEs, dispatch of research workforce, utilization of joint research equipment, and tailored training assistance. The Section also provides a variety of programs to encourage technological startups.

Main Activities
  • Programs to support KIGAM partner businesses
  • R&D planning for SMEs through the operation of a joint research community
  • Integrated support center for government-funded research institutes and SMEs and dedication to the creative economic town
  • SME-supporting programs involving the dispatching of research workforce, joint utilization of research equipment, and tailored training
  • Programs to support preliminary startups and technological startups
R&D Technology Transfer Section

With the mission to lead the generation of outstanding R&D outcomes in the R&D business in order to achieve the inherent purpose of KIGAM, the R&D Technology Transfer Section serves as a core channel for a creative economy. This Section contributes to the nations industrial development by systemically connecting and managing the utilization and proliferation of performance of national policymaking and technology transfer to the public and private sectors.

Main Activities
  • Formulating IP strategies and managing the quality of outstanding patents
  • Maintenance of applications for the registration of R&D outcomes such as theses, IP, software and trial products
  • Technologies for the reduction of acid drainage generation and the enhancement of passive treatments
  • Evaluation of technological value and technology PR efforts
  • Technology transfer and contract management
Geoanalysis Center

Geoanalysis Center is accredited as a certified analysis organization for the chemical analysis of inorganic materials from KOLAS-ILAC organization and has supplied their analysis services not only to the research needs but also to the public. Age dating infrastructures, requisites for the research activity of global warming issue, such as accelerator mass spectrometer and TL/OSL have been constructed. Furthermore, technical development for u-XRF, thermally ionized mass spectrometer, and HR-ICPMS is being proceeded for new analysis services.

Main Activities
  • Analysis service for inorganic elements in geological materials by ICP, XRF and wet chemistry
  • Accelerator mass spectrometer and development of related technologies
  • Development of TL/OSL dating system using X-ray source
  • Development of analysis technology for HR-ICPMS
  • Development of analysis technology for TIMS